Draker-Cody was founded in 1997 in Albuquerque and now serves the Livingson and Houston, TX area. We remain highly focused on helping companies to identify and reach their true potential. Because of our expertise in Strategic Planning, Human Resource Management, and Process Re-engineering, our firm has been increasingly recognized as a “go to” company by CEOs and Senior Executives on an international platform.

Rick Draker
Rick DrakerChief Operating Officer

Rick’s areas of expertise include detailed workflow analysis, business process reengineering, strategic plan facilitation, and developing business growth strategies. He has applied this expertise to private business as well as state and local government, he has facilitated strategic plan sessions for economic development organizations as well as social service agencies, and he has prepared several comprehensive plans with an emphasis on economic development for local government entities.

Rick has conducted project management workshops for various organizations and has taught a project management course for the Certified Public Manager Program administered by New Mexico State University. In addition, he has experience facilitating public meetings that have addressed a wide variety of issues, some very controversial.

Rick likes a challenge and has proven himself to be very adept at resolving challenging issues and finding ways to overcome barriers to a business’ success. In his words, “I believe that the two greatest partners in the world are vision and action. There is nothing I enjoy more than helping people with a great vision. Together we pull resources together, develop a workable plan, and make it happen.”

American Baptist Homes of the West
January 3, 2017

I could comment on great lengths about quality of Sandy’s work, but what impresses me most is her integrity. She does what she says she’ll do.

Project Management Skills
London, Ontario, Canada
January 3, 2017

I have worked with Rick for the last ten years, and have found Rick’s Project Management skills to be his greatest work asset. Thorough communication with clients and peers has lead to the positive reputation Rick enjoys today.

Qualified Professionals
Southeast Community Alliance
January 3, 2017

Our partnership with Draker-Cody has been a win-win situation. They are a dedicated team of energetic professionals who have demonstrated time and again their understanding of our organization. They are reliable, qualified, professional, and hard-working.

Cibola County
January 3, 2017

“Draker-Cody worked with us to pinpoint key issues and the immeasurable assets of our community. They were able to diffuse potential conflict with professionalism, expertise in their field, and by truly listening to the needs of each community member.”

Managing HR for a Small Organization
A New Day Youth and Family Services
January 3, 2017

We are not large enough to have a full time HR staff. Thus for the past 10 years, Draker-Cody has helped us with any complicated or risky employee issues. Having Sandy & Theressa on our team makes me feel safer, and like I am doing due diligence for my agency.

Dennis Engineering Company
January 3, 2017

We have collaborated with Draker-Cody on numerous comprehensive planning, asset management, and master plan update projects throughout New Mexico. With their input, communities can plan and develop growth, qualify for state or federal funding assistance, and are facilitated to achieve their goals.

Greater Albuquerque Habitat for Humanity
January 3, 2017

We LOOOOOOVE Tess! She has become “one of us” and her services are invaluable! Every department relies on her and looks forward to the days she is here.

Iceni Corporation
January 3, 2017

Rick Draker has the professional credentials, depth of experience, integrity, and personal style needed to create solutions and handle problems. He also has the management skill to achieve an outstanding result.

Expert Startup Assistance
Collaboration to Help Assure No Child is Exposed to Substances (CHANCES)
January 3, 2017

Draker-Cody ably assisted us with our startup; they wrote our application for nonprofit status, and they were the major consultant/writer on our business plan. They also provided excellent training on board responsibilities to our Board of Directors.

Excellent HR Consultants
 Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central New Mexico
January 3, 2017

Sandy and Theressa serve as HR consultants to our organization, and they have truly become a trusted part of our staff here at BBBS-CNM. This is a testament to their commitment to excellence in everything they do.

Process Management Experts
New Mexico Department of Health
January 3, 2017

The Draker-Cody team was able to pull together and analyze large quantities of diverse information, develop good working relationships with stakeholders, identify major gaps in the systems, conduct SWOT analyses, and present information in a concise, readable fashion.

Problem Solver
Webster University, Albuquerque Campus
January 3, 2017

Sandy brings a complete skill set to our work. She has a keen awareness of what the underlying problem are and doesn’t hesitate to partner in solving them.

Outstanding Job!
Curry County
January 3, 2017

Draker-Cody did an outstanding job in working with the community in the preparation of a comprehensive plan that clearly identified the goals, objectives and the strategies which gave the Village the practical foundation that can be used towards implementation.

City of Deming, New Mexico (Retired)
January 3, 2017

For almost a decade, the City of Deming has contracted with Draker-Cody on many community planning and development efforts. Rick is reliable in delivering products on time and within budget, and when Rick gives his word, he keeps it.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central New Mexico
January 3, 2017

I love working with Theressa. She is thoughtful, professional, and an exceptional writer, which is great. She responded very well to my input and requests. I trust Theressa and am very comfortable planning our moves together.

A Resource to All
Taking Care of Business, LLC
January 3, 2017

The one word I would use to define Sandy is “Contributor.” She is a resource to all that know her…whether as a consultant, teacher, board member, colleague, friend or mentor.

London, Orlando, Canada
January 3, 2017

My company has used Rick Draker to manage critical aspects of many of our projects for over ten years. Without exception, we are pleased with his advice, his management skills and his ability to find and pursue solutions to problems.

Dynamic Leader
Resource Interlink
January 3, 2017

Sandy is a dynamic leader who makes a difference in our community. She motivates peers, employees, and volunteers effectively. She is open and flexible. She leads by example. She is a focused, task-oriented manager. Sandy Cody is, indeed, a woman of influence.

Contact Rick
Phone: (505) 440-8281

Sandra (Sandy) L. Cody
Sandra (Sandy) L. CodyMAM, SPHR, President

In 2005 and 2007, she received the New Mexico HR Award of Excellence from the Society of Human Resources Management of New Mexico, and, because of her expertise, Sandy frequently presents at seminars and workshops for professional associations such as the Albuquerque Quality Network, New Mexico Healthcare Association and the Northern New Mexico branch of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO).

Sandy has always been a powerhouse in both professional and community service roles. In the last few years, she has been recognized by the New Mexico Department of Health as a premier trainer and served as a member of their Licensure and Credentialing Committee. She has also served on the Advisors Committee of the National Organization of Trusted Advisers and served as a founding member and former president of the Foundation for Entrepreneurial Excellence. In 2010, she was also awarded the prestigious Small Business Administration Region 6 Women in Business Champion of the Year.

These numerous awards simply recognize the value that Sandy finds in every one of her clients, and in her community: “I believe that most people don’t recognize their own potential for greatness.  I also know that regret and fear can be tremendous barriers to success. I bring value to the people and companies I work with by helping them identify opportunities for growth and act on them.” Sandy will always persevere until she finds a way to maximize your potential.

Problem Solver

Sandy brings a complete skill set to our work. She has a keen awareness of what the underlying problem are and doesn’t hesitate to partner in solving them.

Ellen Driber-Hassell Executive Director Webster University, Albuquerque Campus January 3, 2017

Contact Sandy
Phone: (505) 323-1415

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